About me...

I’ve had a lifelong love of nature & animals and find it devastating that some animals could be extinct in our lifetime. So, as well as helping people find the perfect gift, I use the profits to support animal rescue & conservation, the gift that gives back!

I live in Stockport with my gorgeous family with my husband Dean, our sons, Daniel and Jamie. Also, meet my Mum, Josie she’s awesome and a huge part of our lives. We all love to go on nature trips so watch out for our photos on social media!

My family & friends mean the world to me and are my reason for loving life.

I’ve been on an incredible personal journey of transformation over the past 2 years.  It began by having to leave my successful (although unfulfilling) corporate career of 30 years due to ill health.

I felt my future was very bleak with limited mobility and constant pain.  I was feeling ‘broken’ in every sense of the word, fearful of the future and my mental health was suffering.

BUT when one door closes, a window opens!  Amazing things happened to me that changed my life for the better when I least expected it!  As I had very limited mobility, I needed something to occupy my mind so I found my love of art again from when I was young and I realised I needed creativity in my life!

Art helps me mentally cope with chronic pain as well as give me joy and purpose in my life.  It dawned on me that I still have a lot to share with the world rather than being on the scrap heap and I can use my talents to help others. 

I love to give gifts to my loved ones to show them that I am thinking of them but sometimes found it difficult to find something that was unusual that would delight them as soon as they saw it so I create gifts that people can share with their loved ones that don’t need to cost the earth to mean the world to them and so Wonderful World Art was born.

If you have a special request or idea for a gift, please get in touch!

If it means a lot to your loved one, then it means a lot to me!

Have a Wonderful World Art day!

Lots of Love

Collette xx