Flowers Collection - Stories Behind The Paintings

Flowers Collection - Stories Behind The Paintings

What Inspired You to Draw Them?

It has always fascinated me the way a plant will invest so much time and energy in creating something so beautiful that exists for a relatively short time to ensure another generation in the circle of life.  It has a single unfaltering purpose in life and is happy to be exactly what it was made to be.  I envied that for a very long time, being content to be what I was made to be.  I have mentioned previously about my long corporate career in which I felt unfulfilled although I did love connecting with lots of very special people and meeting my wonderful friends.  It is only now, and (in my fifties!!) that I am happy being myself instead of trying to be what I thought people wanted me to be.    

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  
It just blooms.”
Zen Shin

The Flowers life cycle also reminds me of the generations in our family which have gone before us and the ones we don’t know yet which will come after us.  I feel it is our responsibility to look after our planet for their benefit…for our future family.  We are the custodians of the world for the next generation and we can all play a part.

The exquisite beauty of a flower is stunning.  When did you last look at an individual flower and every petal ablaze with colour?  The quiet, unassuming elegance of a flower that is so delicate but easy to take for granted reminds me that we are all like flowers, all individual, beautiful, perfect but can be fragile as well.  We all need looking after, like flowers, for us to reach our potential.  

What Are Your Favourite Flowers?

I have so many favourite flowers it’s very hard to choose just one.  I do admire flowers with breath-taking structures like the Bearded Iris, Daffodil and Rose.  I love the simplicity of the bluebell and snowdrop that tell us Spring is nearly here!  The flower that mesmerises me is the Tigridia Pavonia (also known as the Peacock Tiger Flower).  The colours are so vibrant, they look like exotic Flamenco dancers.  Each night, they close up and wake up every morning!!  Dean planted some in our garden and I look forward to seeing them every year.

The Red Rose – ‘Elegance’

Why the Red Rose?

The rose has always signified love and romance to me. My husband, Dean, and I have been together for nearly 30 years now and I couldn’t imagine life without him. Dean and my closest family and friends gave me the courage to share my art and set up my own business so it represents the love I have for themMy Mum, Josephine, has always loved red roses and before my Dad passed away, he always bought her them on Valentine’s Day. The colours are so vivid but also subtle while the texture is like velvet that I just had to paint it. I wanted people to imagine they could almost smell and touch it and expect the raindrops to fall any moment.

Red Rose ‘Elegance’

The Daffodil – ‘Wake Up! The Sun is Here!’

Why the Daffodil?

Like everyone during the pandemic, I have found it very hard during the winter months with dark cold nights.  I thought about looking forward to Spring and a new start for us all.  I love the ‘happy faces’ as my friend describes them that seem to appear all of a sudden to announce the start of lighter and brighter days.  They seem to give everyone a lift and put smiles on faces and I felt we all deserved and needed that after the pandemic.  

Daffodils - ‘Wake Up! The Sun Is Here!

The Captain Safari Calla Lily - ‘Colour Burst’

Why the Calla Lily?

My good friend, Sharon Stanley, commissioned me to paint the ‘Captain Safari’ lily and I felt a great honour that she trusted me and liked my work enough to want to hang it on her wall.  I researched the lily and realised I also had one in my garden!  The colour is breathtaking with fiery reds, oranges and yellows.  The structure of the lily is so simple yet stunning.  When I looked at it, it made me feel vibrant and energised so I felt it would be good to share this one with you all and hopefully you get the same feeling when you look at it.

Calla Lily - ‘Colour Burst’

The White Calla Lily - ‘Morning Light’

Why the Calla Lily?

When I was researching my ‘Colour Burst’ painting, I was drawn to the white Calla Lily and couldn’t get it out of my mind so I felt this was my next flower. I have one in my front garden and it is very striking and gets lots of comments from passers by.  Teal is my favourite colour and I felt it was a gorgeous colour to accentuate the beauty of the flower.

Calla Lily - ‘Morning Light’

I hope you enjoyed the stories!

Lots of love

Collette xx 

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